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About Us



Hail Land and Livestock is a commercial cow-calf operation owned by First Generation Rancher, Bryan Hail.  
Having had  the opportunity to grow up in a farming and ranching community in Central California, I participated in FFA in high school where I showed cattle and learned the many benefits that the FFA, agriculture, and ranching has to offer. Having a love and passion for the cattle industry, after graduation, I decided I needed to get involved more.  Being an entrepreneur by spirit, I began a cattle hauling business and worked for local ranchers until joining the Marine Corps in early 2003. I continued to help friends with cattle work when possible, until my end of active service in the  Marine Corps in 2011.
With a passion for the cattle industry still running deep, I began working for local ranchers which led me on a journey to Wyoming to cowboy for several years. In 2015 I returned to Merced, CA to manage a ranch, until the opportunity to move to Carson Valley to run cattle was offered.
Beginning in the early 1990's my father and I use to spend a lot of time in the Carson Valley.  It was a special place for us both.  Before we could make it our permanent home, my father passed away.  Knowing I now had the chance to honor him by moving back and pursuing a dream in the cattle business, I couldn't pass up this next chapter.
Having the opportunity to move to Carson Valley and continue to manage cattle for others, the dream of one day owning my own herd was still ever present.  This valley here is pretty amazing, and a fellow rancher afforded me the opportunity to do just that.  Buy my own cattle and ranch for myself.  Raising cattle is only part of it, after starting to run my own cattle, I wanted a way to give back.  And so I decided why not offer ranch direct beef directly to the consumer.  By offering an excellent product, raised locally, I can provide an outstanding beef product at an affordable price.
And so we have Hail Beef!  It is grown and raised right in the beautiful Carson Valley.  Always All Natural, Pasture Raised and Grass Finished.  To learn more about our beef, check out our "Things to Know" page where we answer all your question!