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Things to know....

Here you will find all the commonly asked questions and answers about Hail Beef!

Who is Hail Land and Livestock?
Visit our "About Us " page to learn all about Hail Land and Livestock
What does Hail Land and Livestock do?
We are a commercial cow-calf operation located in Carson Valley.  We raise mother cows and calves and sell the calves when they are of weaning age.  Some of our calves are kept and used as part of our Ranch Direct Beef Program.
How is your beef raised?
All cattle are raised on a 100% grass fed diet.  Did you know ALL cattle eat grass their entire life? Some cattle are finished on grass while others are finished on grain and grass.  Our cattle eat grass their entire duration and are FINISHED on grass as well.  Which makes our beef
We also pride ourselves on all natural beef, free of antibiotics and hormones and raised on pasture their entire life.  When you choose Hail Beef, you can be confident in knowing not just your rancher, but that your beef is humanely raised, all natural, pasture grown, and grass fed.
Where is it processed?
All Hail beef is processed in a USDA meat inspected harvesting facility.  This allows us to sell directly to you, the consumer. 
I don't live locally, can I still purchase your beef?
ABSOLUTELY!  We ship our beef to all 50 states.  Beef is shipped weekly Monday-Wednesday and arrives the next day frozen on dry ice.  All of our boxes and liners are eco-friendly and we offer a re-use program that helps us be sustainable.  
Is this beef grain finished or grass finished?
All of our Hail beef is GRASS FINISHED
Besides online, where else can I buy Hail Beef?
For 2020, you can always purchase your beef right online.  We offer FREE local delivery/pick-up for those in Carson Valley.  And we can ship to all 50 states.  If you prefer to "shop" soon Hail Beef will be in the Farmstead Mercantile, beginning May 2020 and also at the Gardnerville and Minden Farmers markets.